Change and transformation happens when you empower yourself and others to uncover a compelling vision and narrative. 

I'm interested in working with people who want to think big about what is possible for you and the people around you; whether that's your team, organisation or wider community. You might be a student, employee, business owner, or represent a start-up or larger organisation, town, city or country. I promise you that my approach is unlike many. 


Introducing you to diverse networks of professionals across all industries and walks of life

Developing new relationships and unexpected partnerships

Bringing together ideas that haven't met each other yet

Tapping into the human potential in and around you


Offering a creative, left-of-field perspective to provoke a different way of thinking

Holding a safe but challenging environment to uncover what is really going on, and what might be just around the corner

Sparking a shift in mindset to drive innovation

Shaping a narrative that inspires a movement


Always having a bias towards action

Supporting you to drive change through "doing" and creating tangible proof points, experiments and prototypes

Guiding you to step outside of your current role to see the bigger picture

Focusing on the long-term game


I've found the best, most sustainable solutions which lead the most surprising results come from taking an organic and intuitive approach centred on creating authentic human connections. We can talk through what you think might work for you. 

If you are driven to make a difference in the world, and want to move from talk to action, let's start a conversation together. Please reach out to connect!