The world of work is changing.

Traditional workplaces are shifting to more dynamic environments that facilitate greater collaboration and opportunities for shared learning. Employees are expecting greater flexibility in work from their employers, there is also a growing trend towards self-employment and freelancer work, with the number of coworking spaces serving this market doubling each year. Currently there are 140 coworking spaces in Australia, with around 6000 spaces around the world, doubling each year. Working alongside passionate and inspired people, hearing from local thought leaders, and being a part of a collaborative community, is drawing thousands of people each year to these spaces. 

The Village is Australia's largest coworking community by membership. I've also been working with a local community in Point Cook, Victoria to create a new coworking space, BizBuddyHub. On the top end of Collins St in Melbourne, WorkWell will be a new workplace combining coworking, short-term office and project space, and access to a range of wellbeing services; the first of its type in Australia.