A taste of my story

I'm a seeker of adventure, happy to swim in the unknown, and driven to create a better world, one small step at a time. I'm filled with gratitude for the life that I've lived to date.

I was born in Sydney, and moved to Hobart then Canberra with my family. Ever since I was very young,  I had an insatiable thirst to understand how the world works, and still do.

I left home at 18 and started managing a menswear store, just like my grandfather did. Moved to Brisbane to learn hospitality, and ended up in a 5-star hotel. That was the start of a drive to help organisations create world-class customer experiences. Couple years later, Europe beckoned and I managed a couple of restaurants south of London, flitting across to the continent when possible. My love of travel has never left me.

Coming back to Australia, I landed in Adelaide, where I studied psychology, philosophy and sociology, graduating with honours in psychology and a masters in organisational psychology, curious about how work could be a place to find one's purpose in life. Building strong communities emerged as a key focus for me, working and volunteering with several non-profits over the years there. 

The wind blew, and Melbourne called me to continue to help people realise their potential through work across government, corporate and non-profit organisations, and how to build cultures that inspire and empower. 

A journey of transformation unfolded as I joined the Centre for Sustainability Leadership as a 2013 Fellow, building my vision for a different world, which I am now creating one day at a time. My corporate sandpit grew, and a village emerged which would be a platform to touch the lives of thousands.

My next step will be to ask the big questions around the future of work, and how we can find more purpose and meaning in our nine-to-five as the work-life boundaries continue to blur. You'll be seeing me floating around the University of Sydney as I begin my PhD in Business in 2015. 

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